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Is CanadaCIS legit? Top 3 Reasons Why We Trust Our Immigration Agency

Many immigrants face worries and even anxiety when dealing with the complex immigration process.  They look for reliable professionals who can simplify the process and help them make their experience smoother and more pleasant.  Since immigration is a super important life decision, it’s totally normal to have trust issues and doubts when choosing the immigrationContinue reading “Is CanadaCIS legit? Top 3 Reasons Why We Trust Our Immigration Agency”

Documents you’ll need for immigration to Canada

Hey, y’all. I’d like to share with you the list of documents that we were told to prepare for applying for a visa.  Your passport; Appropriate Canada visa application form; Proof of paid Canada visa fees; Proof of clean criminal record; Proof of being in good health through a medical exam; Photographs in accordance withContinue reading “Documents you’ll need for immigration to Canada”

We are Moving to Canada: Our Immigration Services Review

Hey y’all. We decided this year to immigrate to Canada and I wanted to share with you why we made this decision. I hope y’all don’t mind, I’m sure this post will be different to my previous posts, and I hope you appreciate it as much as I appreciated this choice. It’s also why IContinue reading “We are Moving to Canada: Our Immigration Services Review”