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Is CanadaCIS legit? Top 3 Reasons Why We Trust Our Immigration Agency

Canada City sky veiw
If you have decided to immigrate with agency, you have to choose the right one.
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Many immigrants face worries and even anxiety when dealing with the complex immigration process. 

They look for reliable professionals who can simplify the process and help them make their experience smoother and more pleasant. 

Since immigration is a super important life decision, it’s totally normal to have trust issues and doubts when choosing the immigration agency. 

Unfortunately, there are quite a bunch of fraudsters operating in this field, and you gotta be very careful to not get scammed. 

Before we chose CanadaCIS, we signed up for like 10+ other agencies and talked to representatives, trying to figure out who of them we can trust. 

Eventually, CanadaCIS has proven to be a legitimate immigration agency that clients can trust. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  • CanadaCIS partners with a registered immigration lawyer, and you can see all the details about him in the main menu of their website:
    • It’s very important to work with regulated immigration consultants (RCICs), as only they can provide immigration assistance services;
    • Immigration lawyers have an even higher qualification, and partnership with a lawyer is a sign of a reliable top-level agency;
  • CanadaCIS is a transparent and honest agency:
    • They are giving you all information in advance, call you to provide updates and follow up on a regular basis;
    • You can ask questions about the immigration process and be sure that you’ll get a qualified answer;
    • In your personal immigration profile in their system, you’ll follow the progress of your application and check what’s missing and what documents you need to provide;
    • All instructions are clear and easy to follow, which makes the whole immigration process easy and smooth;
  • CanadaCIS offers an efficient online service:
    • As mentioned before, their online platform and the continuous support from qualified staff members make immigration with this agency especially efficient;
    • You don’t have to waste time on researching the process, figuring out what program to apply for and what documents to submit;
    • Professional consultants will literally do most of the work for you – completely online!
    • Someone might say that the price CanadaCIS asks for their services is quite too much… but the assistance you are getting is so valuable;
    • It’s totally worth the price!

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada?

Piggy bank
It is better to allocate a little more money for the immigration process in order to feel comfortable.
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Many people ask this, and the answer is unfortunately ‘a lot’. 

Immigration is a quite costly process, and you should surely save more than $10,000 for a comfortable transition to your new country.  

Besides paying for immigration consultancy services, you’ll need money for your flight to Canada, your first accommodation, shopping for necessities etc. 

How can I know if a Canada immigration consultant is legitimate?

Trust your immigration to real professionals and stay away from fake consultants and fraudful websites. 

How to detect scam? 

Watch out for agencies that:

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  • Promise 100% guarantees
  • Promise super fast results
  • Work without partnering with RCICs or immigration lawyers
  • Have old, non-updated and poorly designed websites
  • Don’t provide contacts (address, phone number, email etc.)
  • Don’t answer your questions in a transparent and friendly way
  • Have unrealistically perfect reviews

Btw, speaking about CanadaCIS reviews…

This is a great example of a real and honest company. 

Their reviews show experiences of many satisfied customers, and at the same time they show few that were not fully satisfied. 

It’s perfectly fine, as it’s impossible to have a 100% ideal service – there will always be someone complaining about little things. 

Immigration is an emotionally exhausting process, and some people tend to complain and spread negativity just because they are worried and stressed. 

Having different reviews is so much better and more trustworthy than unrealistic perfect reviews.

Choosing a consultant is hard, but if you want to be on the safe side, choose someone like CanadaCIS: legitimate, transparent and trustworthy.


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