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September TBR

Happy almost September y ‘all! This year is really flying by! This coming month, I will be taking part in two read-a-thons. First is the ATLA read-a-thon and also a House Battles read-a-thon. I’ve tagged the twitters of both so you can check them out too!



I have two ARC’s coming out in the middle or later portion of the month so they are at the top of my list to read. Six Goodbyes We Never Said is an ARC from NetGalley due to be published September 24th. I was so excited to be approved for this book because I think the blurb sounds great. This also counts as my Arithmancy (Books with a number in the title) for House Battles.

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Somewhere Along the Way By Kathleen Knowles is the other ARC coming out in September. It comes out September 10th. I will probably read this one first so I can get a review up on or around release day.

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I love the musical Hamilton and I probably already own three or 4 books, both fiction and non-fiction, about him. However when I went to go pens for work at the dollar store, I wandered through the book section as a joke and found this! For a dollar, I figured why not? (Counts as my History class in House Battles)

18584855. sy475

This will be the second time you’ve seen this book on a TBR for me. I was supposed to read it in August and just…. didn’t? Then I joined the ATLA readathon on twitter and joined the Fire Nation. One of our prompts is read a book based on an interesting villain. I was going to pick another fairytale based book until Leelynn suggested using this one!


Y’all can also thank Leelynn for this one. I started the audiobook in August as a trial for audiobooks. But with Dumplin’ clocking in between 371-400 pages, I could not wrap my head around spending almost TEN hours listening to it. So it also joined my ATLA readathon list as my “Give a book a second chance” challenge (also counts as DADA: Book you gave up on before for House Battles.) But this time I’m getting a copy to read, not to listen to.

35297272. sy475

I picked up Emergency Contact in August at the local Books-A-Million. It was hanging out in the bargain section and I thought the cover was super cute. I think the idea of this book is SO cute and I really want to read it right now! (Also counts as Charms: Book new to you, for House Battles)


I decided to try something new and I had my fiancée, Alice, pick a number between 1 and whatever the last number on my TBR list was. I am sure it has changed by now. But then I took that number and found the book labeled with it to pick my last planned book for September. I added this to my TBR in January so I’m glad to finally have a plan to read it.

34144464. sy475

The Chaos of Standing Still is going to count as my Herbology book (book that means a lot to you) for House Battles!


With the Fire on High is a book I’ve heard so many people talk about that I knew I had to read it! It fits perfectly in the Muggle Studies (hyped up book) and Divination (predicted 5 star read) classes for House Battles!


This is the group book for ATLA read-a-thon. This is the one book on this list I’m not sure I will actually be reading but we will see!

Personally, I don’t plan all of my books and often books get shifted if I get approved for an ARC or if I find a book at the library I really want to read. Also I tend to push off books I own in favor of library books even though, as long as there isn’t a hold for them. So this is just a small planned list compared to what I am actually going to read.

Do you have any of these on your TBR? What book are you most looking forward to in September? Let me know!!!


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