August wrap up || My first month of blogging!

Holy moly y’all! I can’t believe it’s the end August already. September 5th will be an official whole month of me blogging! I’m so excited to have been around for this long! So here’s my month in review.

I read fourteen books!

  • I joined WordPress and set up a schedule. I posted around 11 or 12 different posts!.
  • I started having trouble sleeping and tried talking valerian root to help.
  • I started a job was a waitress and then took a host position instead.
  • It was my fiancee’s birthday! She turned 25!! We drove down to a neighboring county and spent the day before out there.
  • I started a twitter: @ BookswithDana


  • I lost a friend
  • Same room
  • You’re somebody else
  • The Lover Album

TV shows and movies

  • The last two seasons of OITNB
  • The last 4 seasons of The Office
  • Restarted OITNB
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Love After Lockup

This section got WAY longer than I thought it would but these are some of the posts people I follow wrote this month that I want to make sure y’all see!

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Just general tips to help with WordPress

Back to School: College YA Edition by Christy and Claire  @ imallbookedup

A list of YA books based around/in college. I now want to read all of them

Blog Tour: All the Bad Apples by Moira Fowley-Doyle | Review + Playlist + Dream Cast by Leelynn @ sometimes Leelynn Reads

Wow Leelynn worked so freaking hard on this and you can really tell. I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to read this

The 5 Most Disappointing Books I’ve Read So Far This Year by May @ Forever and Everly

This was posted the week I started blogging and I loved May’s take on what to post for national book lovers day!

How to: pretend that you know what you’re doing + useful resources from around the community! by Ally @ Ally Writes Things

Literally posted 2 days before I started my blog and taught me a few things to get ahead as well as linking other similar and helpful posts!

One Star Reviews – A Discussion by Emer @ A Little Haze Book Blog

Talk (respectfully) about our thoughts on one star ratings and when or if we give them

If You Liked These, You Might Also Like… by Anniek @ Anniekslibrary

I love this post! I sometimes do a similar thing in certain reviews but I love seeing a bunch recommendations stacked together!

Honestly this month has been pretty great for me. Starting a book blog feels amazing and I’ve already made a ton of friends and found books I wouldn’t have otherwise. I am so grateful for this community and I can’t to wait to continue to be a part of it.

Let me know how your August was! What was your favorite book or post this month?

My August TBR

Hi everyone! As my first post on my brand new reading blog, (that may or may not still be in the progress of getting set up), I thought I would share my August 2019 TBR list! My goal for the year was to read 50 books and I read the first 25 within the first few months and then… I touched maybe five books until middle of July. So as of August 5th, I sit at 30 books.

With 20 books to go and no books to read, I decided to look into book blogs (like this one!) to find recommendations on what I should be reading! And then with a new fire, I added about 100 books to my Goodreads to read list and set off to the library and the book store. My love for books definitely got ahead of me as I bought three books and put five on hold. That’s just under half the books I need to read to finish my Goodreads challenge! Anywho! After all this rambling, let’s get into what eight books I plan to read in August.

23510106. sy475

The first book I plan to read this month is The Sister Pact By Stacie Ramey. This is one of the books I purchased and I am starting with it because I am a sucker for sister relationships. I will be doing a mini review on this one as I have actually already finished reading it!


Number two is Mary Poppins By P.L. Travers! As a huge Disney fan, I finally decided to dive into the world of Mary Poppins, something I had never done before. Since we are heading to Disney later this year, I figured what better way to count down than reading books about my one of my favorite characters. This one is taking me a while to get through as I am actually reading it to a friend when she does not feel well.

18584855. sy475

Number three has got to be Heartless By Marissa Meyer. The backstory of The Queen of Hearts called to me when I saw it on many other TBR’s and recommendations. At the time I am writing this, I just watched my librarian put it on the hold shelf so I will probably start this tonight!


Number four, Girl Made of Stars By Ashley Herring Blake is one that I saw a lot of people love and a few people had this on their disappointing books lists so I am interested to see where I land with it.


As I start to wish I had kept track of where I found these books, we reach number five! This Is What It Feels Like By Rebecca Barrow. Reading the blurb on goodreads, I find myself unsure of why exactly I wanted to read this one but hey, I’ll give it a shot.

32613366. sy475

Number six I am ashamed to say, I have passed over many, many time despite only hearing good things! The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas was on so many top book lists that I just can’t ignore it anymore!

25546710. sy475

Number seven has honestly got my favorite cover of any of these and it’s The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett. The cover is absolutely what drew me to the book first. That bright, punchy yellow and the daisy, I saw this on one or two book lists and then bought it that night.

21991195. sy475

Last but not least is….. The Truth About Us by Janet Gurtler. I got this book because it was less than three dollars and I had read one book from this author before. The Goodreads page says “A powerful and gripping contemporary YA from the author of I’m Not Her that’s “Just right for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult.” Jodi happens to be my favorite author of all time so I am excited to see how this book compares!

And that’s it! Those are my eight planned books for August! What are you reading this month? Have you read any of these books or are they on your TBR?