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Women’s History Month Readathon wrap up

book review

Hey y’all! So this month I took part in Women’s History Month Readathon and I wanted to share how I did and what I ended up reading for the challenge. I’m sure this post will be pretty similar to my March wrap up post so I’m sorry about that!

This readathon was hosted by Margaret over at weirdzeal so a BIG thank you to them for hosting this amazing readathon.

Here was the bingo board that was set up for us

And here is my bingo board at the end of the month….

Here are the books I read and what challenges they marked off (We were allowed to use books for more than one)

Published before you were born: NA (I’ve mostly been reading new releases whoops)

Trans author: NA (This one makes me the saddest that I didn’t complete it.)

Girl or Woman in the title: NA

Less than 10k rating on Goodreads: Only Mostly Devastated

ARC that came out March 3rd 2020, had 688 rating when I started

WOC on the cover: NA. I did read a book with WOC MCs (When We Were Magic) but technically the girls on the cover are orange and therefore I cannot claim there are WOC on the cover.

Female Villain: The Wicked Deep

Two or more female authors: I hate everyone but you

Set over 100 years ago: The Wicked Deep

Retelling: Does Only Mostly Devastated count as a Grease retelling? haha

Has movie or TV adaptation: NA

Biography or memoir: Home Work

Pink Cover: I hate everyone but you

Set outside your home country: I mean TECHNICALLY Home Work by Julie Andrews and Lady in Waiting by Anne Glenconner are both set all over all world?

Debut: Tweet Cute

Indigenous author: NA. I got a book out for this one but didn’t get to it.

Reread of an old favorite: NA. I’ve been reading newer books and books I haven’t read before so I didn’t get to this one either.

I think I did sort of okay. There were 16 challenges and I finished 9 of them by reading 6 books. I wish I had done better but honestly by the end of March, I was just reading whatever I wanted.



2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month Readathon wrap up

  1. Wow, congrats on hitting so many of the challenges! You did an amazing job 😀 I really need to read Only Mostly Devastated, so thanks for the reminder! And thanks so much for joining in with this readathon ❤


    1. Thank you so much! For hosting, for being so kind. Only Mostly Devastated was amazing you should absolutely try to read it!!!


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