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March Wrap Up || Monthly Wrap Up

Hey y’all. So I know that March was really scary for a lot of us and it felt like a whole year in itself but I’m hoping April will be better for all of us.

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This month I read 10 books and I am in the middle of one more but will probably not finish before April.

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Arc from Netgalley

One Sentence Review: Interesting look at someone close to Princess Anne, sometimes a little slow.


One Sentence Review: We could have had it all but was let down.


One Sentence Review: I love her and I would do anything for her.


One Sentence Review: It was pretty good.


One Sentence Review: It was quirky, funny and super cheesy.

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One Sentence Review: I never know how to review or rate these but it was emotionally hard to get through.


One Sentence Review: Lacked a little since it was just emails and texts but still good.

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One Sentence Review: I haven’t stopped thinking about this book since I read it.

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One Sentence Review: Different and not my favorite but bearable.


One Sentence Review: First five star of the year!!!!!!!!

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This month I did more blog hopping than usual for me so I have a ton of links this month!


Women’s History Book Tag by Margaret @ Weirdzeal

Celebrating 2 Years of Blogging & Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag by Kal @ readervoracious

10 GOOD (AND BAD) READING HABITS I HAVE by Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks

The Pros and (mainly) Cons of being a Mood Reader by Emme @ aliterarylatte

6 Tools That Help Me Organize My Blog by Zenobia @ thatzenblog

A Comprehensive Guide to Confusing Terms || Ft. Quotes By Eminent Personalities by Pavani @ thevoraciousbibliophile

20 YA BOOKS RELEASING IN MARCH, APRIL, MAY 2020 TO ADD TO YOUR TBRS by Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks

If You Loved, then Try. . . book recommendations by May @ my1stchapter

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This month I have really been into…..


Great British Baking Show/ Great British Baking Show: The Beginnings: Same as last month, I often watch this when I am stressed. I find it is good to both watch and nap to.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime is back and I’m loving every minute.

Triple D: My wife loves this show, I tolerate it for her.

Video Games!

I started playing Sims 4 again and bought Island Life and University to keep me busy when I am not reading or at work.

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At the very start of March, on March 4th I traveled into Baltimore and after 8 years of longing, finally saw Wicked the Musical. It was absolutely magical and honestly feels like a dream or something that happened years ago and not just 4 weeks ago. Thank you to the Wicked Touring Cast for bringing this story to life and basically to my doorstep. I was going to try to see them again in June in VA but I doubt that will happen now and it makes me want to scream.

So this part is going to be mostly about Corona or Corona affected things. If you are stressed or anything, don’t feel obligated to read this.

The biggest change is our lives in March was out restaurant going from Dine-In to basically a Drive-Thru in our parking lot. We are all working very hard to keep things as normal as possible but it is obviously a huge change. This also included cut hours for both of us so we have filed for unemployment during this time. We are staying home as much as we can and following the rules/laws our governor has put in place for Maryland.

I am a little stressed because my best friend has cystic fibrosis and I am so scared of losing her to this. Please stay in as much as you can guys. I know a lot of us still have to work (my wife and I included) but please. Do your best.

Luckily for us nobody in our families or any of our friends are showing signs of being sick and I can only hope it remains that way for us and that everyone who is currently sick or has a family member sick is doing as best they can. I love all of you and my DM’s are always open.

I’ve joined a few new group chats and I am planning on starting a youtube channel for booktube and vlogging with the same username as here.

I hope you all had the best March you could and are staying safe. See ya later!


13 thoughts on “March Wrap Up || Monthly Wrap Up

    1. Only Mostly Devastated was AMAZING and I’m soooo lucky that I was able to read it. I read Tweet Cute for a Readathon and enjoyed it a lot!


    1. I’m devastated that we wanted to see it again and probably won’t ever get the chance. The touring cast is amazing especially Allison Bailey (Glinda). I wish I had stage doored so I could have met her 😭


    1. Thank you so much. We have been very lucky so far and I can only hope it stays that way for us. I hope you are staying safe too!!!


  1. glad to see you enjoyed tweet cute! that one was just a really bingeable cute read for me too. and i’m sorry to hear that when we were magic was a disappointment — it seems like it has so many intriguing things!! i hope your april goes well for you and read lots of fantastic books ❤


    1. Thank you May 💗✨ I was so excited for When We Were Magic but it’s just lacking a few things’s still good just not as good as I was expecting


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