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February wrap up || 2020

Once again I wasn’t able to finish my TBR and feel super disappointed in my reading and my blogging this month.

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This month I only read 4 books.


ARC from Netgalley.

One sentence review: A little boring, I ended up skimming some of it but I did learn a lot.


Blog tour ARC from FFBC.

One sentence review: I really liked this at first glance but it had some issues that lowered my end rating.

Blog tour and full review here.

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ARC from Netgalley.

One sentence review: I was all for this book right up until the ending where I felt let down.

Full review here

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One sentence review: I liked the idea of this book but wasn’t a huge fan of the writing.

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Women’s History Month Readathon ANNOUNCEMENT By Margaret @ Weird Zeal

March 2020 Readathons | 6 readathons to join! By Cat @ Pagesplots

How To Read More: 12 Tips & Tricks by 6 Bloggers By the team @ wordyandwhimsical

Never Judge a Reader By Their Reading Format By Simone @ simoneandherbooks

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This month I have really been into…..

TV/ Movies

Triple D (Diners, Drive ins and Dives): We watch this while eating dinner after work

NCIS: I started a rewatch over the summer and I am finally past where Ziva leaves which has been my hang up spot for YEARS.

Frozen 2: I preordered a copy from the Disney Store and we went to pick it up. We watched it once more before I offered for one of our friends who hasn’t seen it to borrow it.

Great British Baking Show: We often watch this on days off or right before bed.

Love is Blind: Ending up watching all this in two days, I think it has flaws but is interesting.


Frozen the musical: Late to this one but they released a new song I Can’t Lose You and I can’t stop playing it.

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February flew by for us so there isn’t really anything really new here. We’re just both working a lot leading up to seeing Wicked next month. Next month we will have been together for 4 years which is super exciting.

How was your february? Did you and your SO do anything special for Valentines day? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “February wrap up || 2020

  1. I love the Great British Baking Show! It’s so fun and relaxing, and I watch it on Netflix whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed. I also really loved Frozen 2, and even though it did well commercially, I feel like it didn’t receive as much love as it deserved. IDK. I think it was a nice follow up to the first movie.
    Thank you for the shout out! I hope you’ll have a lovely March!


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