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The How & The Why Review and Favorite Quotes || Blog Tour

This is my first ever blog tour and I am so, so excited. I can’t imagine a better book to start off with honestly. Thank you to FFBC and the publishers for this opportunity.

Btw have you seen my immigration services review? It’s also my first experience writing a review for something that is not a book. Feels ehm.. unusual.. but cool! This Canada immigration experience is very important for me, and I’d be super happy if you go check it out.

Click the banner to see the rest of the blog tour schedule. I am so glad to be doing this with some of my favorite blogging friends.


Today Melly had us writing letters to our babies…

Cassandra McMurtrey has the best parents a girl could ask for. They’ve given Cass a life she wouldn’t trade for the world. She has everything she needs—except maybe the one thing she wants. Like, to know who she is. Where she came from. Questions her adoptive parents can’t answer, no matter how much they love her.

But eighteen years ago, someone wrote Cass a series of letters. And they may just hold the answers Cass has been searching for.

Alternating between Cass’s search for answers and letters from the pregnant teen who gave her up for adoption, this voice-driven narrative is the perfect read for fans of Nina LaCour and Jandy Nelson.


Cynthia Hand is the New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens,including the UNEARTHLY trilogy, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE,MY LADY JANE and MY PLAIN JANE (with fellow authors Brodi Ashton andJodi Meadows), THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and the upcoming novels. THE HOW AND THE WHY and MY CALAMITY JANE (also with Ashton and Meadows). Before turning to writing for young adults, she studied literary fiction and earned both an M.F.A. and a Ph.D. in fiction writing. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho, with her husband, two cats, one crazy dog, two kids, and mountain of books.

Publisher: HarperTeen

Genre/s: YA, Contemporary

Number of Pages: 464

Where can you get it?


Books A Million

Barnes and Noble

Book Depository

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Google Books

Release Date: November 5th 2019

I am so glad that I read this book. I really enjoyed it, I sat down and read it all within a few hours (only stopping to go eat dinner). I have had a really crappy month with getting through books but I had no issues with this one at all. I loved the way the book flowed from S to Cass through real time and the letters.

I can only imagine that if I was in S’s shoes, I would have done the same thing. Personally, my parents got pregnant at young age and even though sometimes, our relationships can be rocky, I can’t imagine growing up in a different family. But also I am now five years older than my mom was when she had me and I can’t imagine becoming a mother and having someone who completely depends on me. But I also can’t imagine being a part of the baby’s life and not being their mother.

I also loved that this book showed multiple sides of adoption. You had Cass who was born in the States and who was adopted in the States and could visit where her biological parents had been. She was also adopted as a baby before any of her memories could form. But you also have Nyla who was born in Liberia and was adopted at age three, after losing her family in a civil war. She knows she had a life, a culture and even a different language but now she can’t remember any of it. This book also talks about opened and closed adoptions and some of the differences.

Another thing that really drew me into this book was the overall friendship of Cass and Nyla. The deepness of their friendship is rooted in their shared experience of being adopted and being able to have someone to talk to about it but there were so many other things that made me fall in love with their friendship. I think it might be because Nyla reminds me of my best friend/sister who is also Mormon (therefore doesn’t swear or drink caffeine), loves musical theater (thank you again Amanda for bringing me Wicked) and she ALSO went to school in Idaho (I know Nyla doesn’t but it was a similarity). I love that the Nyla and Cass are similar but still have their own personalities. They blend into each other’s families and even when they fight and say horrible things, they give second chances and understand when to push the other.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this book. It ends openly so we can imagine what happens next which I’m not a huge fan of in general but not everything can have a perfect little bow to tie it up with so I won’t knock it for that.

So for the blog tour, I was assigned to pick out my favorite quotes. Some of them might not make sense out of context but during reading they stuck out to me.

Again, I really loved this book and I am so grateful to have received an ARC and be a part of this blog tour!!!


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