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September Wrap Up

These months just keep on flying by. I feel like life is constantly hitting the fast forward button and I can barely keep up!

I’m going to start with a few “blog or book” related thing I did this month

  • I group read the Legend Trilogy and thought it was great!
  • I think I posted 20 new posts??? That sounds like a crazy amount but I posted almost twice a day every day that I posted. I fully intend to back down on this next month.
  • I interacted with one of my favorite authors on twitter and then cried!
  • I preordered a book for the first time. I can’t wait to read Conceal Don’t Feel in October!
  • I started organizing my Goodreads books (kinda, sorta…. some of them)
  • I took part in two read a thons. I thought I would crush the ATLA readathon since it was only 3 books but I didn’t get the group book in time.
  • I did REALLY well on House Battles though! I read 5727 pages and completed 11 class challenges scoring 6377 points for Hufflepuff

And in personal life….

This month has been hard. Being back as a host is reminding me of being sixteen when my mental health was at its worst. Even though I am at work, surrounded by people, I feel isolated because most of them are so young. On top of this, some of my family has gotten various bad news. We are also in the home stretch before we get married and while I am excited, there are a lot of details we need to finish.

On some happy notes, this month I got a new phone and started a bookstagram ( devourbookswithdana).

Also my sister/best friend announced she was getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid! I said yes, of course and booked my tickets to go out in January. I can’t wait!

Some of you make have seen that Leelynn and I were supposed to meet up one Saturday in September and unfortunately that didn’t work out. However, I ended up going to the zoo that day because it was beautiful out and we got to see a lot more animals than we normally do! Here are some pictures we got that day! We made sure to see the panda because at least one is leaving soon and then we went into the small mammal house and the little guy in the middle! He sat like that for probably five minutes and I got that picture right before he went back inside. Lastly and my favorite part, THERE WAS A NEW BABY SEA LION!!!!! I love sea lions and Alice and I actually got engaged right by their exhibit at this zoo! The new baby’s name is Celia (all the sea lions have C names) and this was her first week allowed out! I could have spent all day watching her.

TV shows and Movies

  • Alice and I are watching Golden Girls through again on Hulu.
  • I really didn’t watch too much tv but I have been watching the Try Guys on Youtube!
  • I started NCIS because Ziva FREAKING David is back and my heart is hers yet again.


  • Hamilton has been a constant
  • This Supercorp playlist is breaking my heart and I love it

Tips and Tricks for Writing Book Reviews by Mari @ Musingsofabookgirl

Obviously I love this post because Mari, our sweet love, basically wrote it because I cried out for help on Twitter.

Fitting Blogging Into My Busy Life // FT. My Tips For Being Somewhat Productive by Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall

More tips for blogging and how to make sure we keep up!

Beyond the Blurb | Bloggers, Embrace Hiatuses, Don’t Run from Them by Siobhan @ Sioban’s Novelties

Blogging is fun and important but you are more important. I love this because it makes me feel less bad about saying that sometimes I need a day or more away from books and blogging

19 Books That Mean the World to Me by Arin @ Tomes of Our Lives

Arin talks about 19 books she loves to celebrate her birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!

Things I’ve Learned Since Starting My Blog by Kate @ Melting Pages

In which I once again learn more to help improve my blog!

The last week of this month was definitely the worst but I’m hopeful for October. What was your favorite book this month?


15 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. You read so many books! That is crazy haha. I managed to read 3 books for September. I just can’t find the time to read as much as I’d like to 😦 I need to get on it for October and try to read more!


    1. I don’t know how I managed to do it. And honestly I felt like I was behind ALL month! My TBR for October is huge and I’m very nervous but hopeful. Good luck in October!


  2. Great wrap up, Dana! Looks like you had a pretty awesome reading month–so many books 😍 Many that I want to read but some favorites up on your list too (Between Shades of Gray)! Which do you reckon was your fave read this month? Sorry to hear that September has been a hard month for you personally, but I hope that October will be better 💞


    1. Red, White and Royal Blue was the BEST book of the month. I had so much fun with it. Thank you for being so sweet. I’m hopeful about October but also nervous because as of today, I get married in one month and 5 days!


    1. Seeing the baby sea lion was perfect. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m hopeful and grateful no matter what happens.


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