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October TBR || ARCS, Royalty and Retellings Galore

In November I am getting married! As such, I need to have a ton of blog posts planned out and this month, I am planning on reading a bunch of books based on certain topics to do so. You’ll probably see a lot of these books again at the end of the month and then in posts in November so sorry about that!

First off as most months, I have some ARCS I need to read and review. For October, I have four so far. (Hopefully I get 1-2 of these done in September but we will see how it goes.) I also have one ARC for November.

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On the off chance I don’t get around to it in September (considering I forgot about it until now, it’s likely), I’m throwing this in here. I Wanted You to Know comes out October 3rd so it will be the first book I read in October if I don’t read it before then.

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I’m very excited to be granted the opportunity to read this book and I will be surprised if I actually wait until October to read it. The Library of Lost Things comes out on October 8th so y’all can look for my review then!


Dare to be You is a nonfiction book about what happens when girls “dare to be themselves” and how “they can truly change the world.” I’ve never reviewed a nonfcition book and I don’t think I’ve ever talked about on my blog. The book comes out October 22nd but you will be able to find my review up a week early, October 15th.


My last arc is one I don’t remember requesting this but I’m sure I did. It’s about a wedding planner who finds love of her own or does she? I can’t wait to dig into this one and see what happens to Jasper and Renee. This book also comes out October 22nd and my review will be up that day.


My first blog tour book!! This book doesn’t come out until November 5th but I need to get it read and my post together since I won’t be able to do it in November.

32333338. sy475

Another book about a wedding and change within a family. This sounds a lot like A Wedding in December but not at Christmas. I hope it is because I loved A Wedding in December. I’m excited to crack this one open!

32078787. sy475

A lot wedding themed books are focused on wedding planners. This one is too but I’m going to try to find some that aren’t!


Everyone is reading this retelling of the 12 dancing princesses and I want to read it too! This book sounds so good and most people I follow have seemed to like it!


Hello my name is Dana and I would sell my soul for a chance to read this book. I love history and I love the modern royal trope. I’m excited to read all of these but this has to be in my top 5 most exciting books I plan to read in October.


I NEED THIS BOOK!!!! This is the first book I have ever preordered and it ships on the first of October. Once it gets here, nobody talk to me until I’m done. I adore the majority of this series (though all the book can be read as standalones) and Frozen means so much to me. I could write a whole page on why I want this book so bad so I’ll stop here.


Another sort of fairytale-esh book. A lot of people read this as well and maybe I just have FOMO but I want to read it too! I love sister relationships and fairytales!

35960069. sx318

This is the only currently released Twisted Tales that I haven’t read. I took it out of the library and took it back without even opening it so I want to try again. I hate knowing it’s the only one I haven’t read.


I loved Prince Charming so I hope to be just as in love with Her Royal Highness. I have such high hopes because it is modern royals AND LGBT!!!!!!!


While I do want to read the whole series of Villains, I am going limit myself to just this one this month. Mal is my favorite villain because she is so petty. She cursed a baby because she wasn’t invited to a party… or did she? There has to be more than that and I can’t wait to find out what it is that drives her.

43204703. sy475

A Beauty and the Beast retelling!!! I’ve heard good and bad things about this book but I’m hopeful.


I want to read this but how I didn’t realize how uncomfortable this cover makes me. It’s like their faces are being sucked into one.


And Peggy! You barely hear about Peggy in the Hamilton musical and the only other thing I know about her is that once their house got broken into and she had to go downstairs to save a baby and got a tomahawk thrown at her.


ELIZAAAAAAAAA. Okay, Eliza and her kindness remind me SO much of my own sister and it tears my heart to shreds whenever Eliza is upset in the musical (did you mean “the entire Hamilton musical after Helpless?” I really want to know more about her so I’m super excited.

I don’t have nearly the amount wedding themed books as I had wanted but honestly, I’ll start here and see what happens. If you guys have any happy books that include a wedding, please let me know!

Have you read any of these? Do you think you will? Let’s chat!!


17 thoughts on “October TBR || ARCS, Royalty and Retellings Galore

  1. Reflection is so good! You’re the only other blogger I’ve seen mention the Twisted Tale series. I’m eagerly waiting for Conceal, Don’t Feel too! I’ve also got the ARC of The Library of Lost Thing that I need to get on.


      1. Ah! A Whole New World was my favorite, but Aladdin is also my favorite Disney movie. I love them too! Which one is your favorite so far?


  2. I can’t wait to see your wedding photos (if you share some) congratulations ❤ HOSAS is scaring me already! I’m barely in it (less than 100 pages) and already there’s some horrific stuff happening and I just have to make sure I don’t give myself nightmares lol. Enjoy your time away on your honeymoon as well ❤ I’ll miss you!


    1. Of course I will!!! I’m so excited! It’s still over a month and a half away but I’m counting down every minute from now until I do.


  3. Awesome list! I really enjoyed House of Salt and Sorrows–I read it just a couple weeks ago, and while there were a few areas where it faltered, as a whole it was delightfully creepy and atmospheric and pretty dang cool (review is on my blog somewhere if you want more detail on my thoughts haha).


      1. Lol honestly, same. There is no way to know whether I’ll get to it in a few weeks…or sometime next year. I just keep adding books to my list, and then I never get anywhere with it 😂


  4. Awesome list! I really enjoyed House of Salt and Sorrows–I read it just a couple weeks ago, and while there were a few areas where it faltered, as a whole it was delightfully creepy and atmospheric and pretty dang cool (review is on my blog somewhere if you want more detail on my thoughts haha).


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