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Book I marked as not interested on Goodreads

This post is basically what the title says, I thought I would show you some books I marked as not interested on Goodreads and get your opinions.

This isn’t all of them because as of right now, that would be about 7 times as long but I just picked out a few that stood out to me as still not interested. I tried to put a link here but it didn’t work out!

So! Have you read any of these? Are they worth trying out? Let me know!


18 thoughts on “Book I marked as not interested on Goodreads

  1. I started Reading ( Catching Jordan ) but couldn’t keep reading ( boring )
    Also , The blurb of ( The Summer I turned Pretty ) Doesn’t excite me 😛
    I don’t know about the others 🙂 But Heard amazing things about Scythe ( I have it on My TBR ) ❤


  2. It’s funny I actually did a flashback post on the Forest of Hands & Teeth this week. I actually really love that series. It’s zombies and I’m not a fan of them, but this series truly gets better with each novel. This is probably one of the most intense series I’ve ever read. I remember having to actually sit up and brace myself then take a break while reading, it was so intense.


      1. Yeah, I definitely understand that. For me it depends on the series or more accurately the characters, if I love them I’m like I wanna read about them until they’re gray and old. I will say this about the Forest of Hands and Teeth it is a series but they don’t follow the same main characters, but all are set in the same world and characters from other stories will cross paths.


      1. Yeah goodreads is weird in terms of what you can do on mobile vs desktop. I even found that my mobile app (iPhone) does a lot of different things than my partners app (Android).


  3. The Arc of a Scythe is personally one of my favorites and I can’t wait for the final book to come out soon! I know it won’t be for everyone though, plus I think the explosion of all the dystopian YAs after Hunger Games have turned people off them 😅


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