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A Year In Her Life || An ARC Review

Warning: This review is not a good one. There may be mentions of sexual assault, the 2016 election, abusive relationships and heavy drinking as well other heavy topics. If you choose to read this book, please proceed with caution and be sure to take breaks if you need them. Remember, no book is as important as your mental health. I’m always open to talk and listen over here, it’s the fastest way to reach me. Okay now… Let’s get on with this.

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Borrowed, Bought or ARC: This was an ARC granted to me through NetGalley and the publishers. I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Where did I get it?: As stated above, I got this from NetGalley.

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Genre/s: LGBT+ Fiction, Women’s fiction

Number of pages: The ARC I read was 533 pages.

Release date: Came out July 16th 2019

Bonnie is a young woman, engaged and passionate about her new job, her feminist ideals, and her friends. Bonnie is also single and looking for a soulmate. Her last boyfriend dumped her after she supported him through law school. Her new boyfriend is nice, but a little boring and they’re not attuned politically. Then Bonnie meets Jane. She’s a little older, experienced, and compelling. They share a commitment to feminism and social justice. Unfortunately, Jane is married. Still, Bonnie finds her attraction growing. She denies it because Jane is off limits, but Bonnie is compelled and sure the attraction is mutual.

Set in 2016, the election is a backdrop to Bonnie’s turbulent year of searching for love. This is a story of growth and maturation told in a voice that grows from timid to hopeful to confident and explores the complexity of relationships as well as themes relevant to the current times

The saving grace of this book for me was the friendship that Bonnie had with Linda and Vickie. No matter what happened and how much time had passed since they had seen each other, Linda and Vickie never gave up on Bonnie. They loved her regardless. Friendships like that are so pure and rare that it was really heartwarming to see.

This book was very hard to finish, I often use books as a way to step out of real life and catch my breath and relax but I could not do that with this book.

It felt slow moving and repetitive on top of covering many social issues. While I appreciate the author bringing these issues to light, there wasn’t much of a break from them.. This books covers the election of 2016, topics of racism, sexual assault, abusive relationship, gaslighting and manipulation. They also mention abortion and cheating. I had to take multiple breaks because as I said, you rarely got a break from all of the hard topics.

There were also moments of sexual content which I was not prepared for since the other reviews and synopsis did not seem to indicate that would be included.

Towards the end, I was struggling to keep going and only did out of obligation to NetGalley and the Publishers.

One teacup out of five. I feel bad rating a book so poorly and sharing that with everyone. As I said before, if you do choose to read this, please make sure you take breaks if you need them!

Have you read or heard of this book? What did you think? I hope y’all are having a great day!


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