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All The Love You Write || An ARC Review

This book was an ARC gifted to me by the publisher and author through NetGalley. All thoughts are my own honest thoughts and do not reflect the author or publisher in any way.

Publisher: Melange

Author: D.G. Driver

Genre/s: Romance, Teens & YA

Release date: August 20th 2019

Bethany and Mark are from two different lives. Bethany is an honors student in the debate club. She dreams of going to college and succeeding there. Mark doesn’t do as well academically and is in the JOTC, heading into the army. He has had a crush on Bethany since they were little. With the help of two ghosts with invested interest in Mark, they try to bridge the gap between their worlds even as others try to push them apart.

Bethany was the best thing about this book.She made an effort to change how she looked at the world and defended her relationship to anyone who questioned them. She was also realistic about how hard a long distance relationship can really be.

I also really enjoyed the concept of the book though I think it could have come together a little better. Switching POV’s was a good way to let us see what was going on through the eyes of each major character.

I loved the dedication of this book. We always think our grandparents will be around forever and we will have time for their stories later. We should all make an effort to listen and learn their stories while we can.

While this book had some good components , some parts were a little too mushy for me.

The similarities between Mark and Bethany and Joe and Eileen were sometimes too much. I understand why it was set up that way but I wish Mark and Bethany had been able to have their own relationship that wasn’t always compared to his grandparents.

I found it really hard to like Eileen after she started messing with Bethany. It didn’t seem fair to me to punish Bethany for what was going on. Not everyone can handle being in a relationship where one is in the military and that should be Bethany’s decision to make.

All in all, I would give this book a 3 out of 5. It is an okay book and I had no issue reading or finishing it. However I don’t think it will stick with me as long as some other books would. I think if you like paranormal, romance and historical fiction mixed into one, you might like this!


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