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The Sister Pact By Stacie Ramey || Review

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Hey Y’all! Before I get into the review, I just wanted to let you know that I may be starting a new job this weekend so if I become slow with posting or replying, it will only be until I get into the swing of things. Thanks for understanding!

So recently I read The Sister Pact. I was so much into reading this book that I didn’t take nearly as many notes as I should have so this is more of a brief review. I promise other books will have a much longer, better-detailed review.

Borrowed or bought? Bought

Where did I get it?: Books-a-Million, in store

What did I pay?: a whooping $2.97 (Thank you bargain buys!)

Number of pages? 310

Where can you get it? I wasn’t able to find the price I paid online but here are some links to brand new, physical copies of this book.*

I do not make any money off of these links. This is simply to make it easier for you to find the book and compare prices. I normally buy my books at Books-A-Million since I have a membership with them.

Amazon– $4.42

Book depository $8.90

Barnes and Noble: $9.89

Books a million: $10.99

Allie, an aspiring artist going into her junior year of high school deals with the loss and aftermath of her older sister, Leah’s, suicide, a suicide Allie was supposed to a part of. As she struggles through her parents lingering around her, watching for any sudden indication that Allie will go next, Allie begins to uncover secrets about her sister, her death and the life she thought she knew.

Four out of five teacups. This was a good book! I would probably reread this or recommend it!

  • Allie’s memories of her relationship with Leah from when their parents were fighting really touched me. I am a huge sucker for sister relationships so this really touches me.
  • The fact that Allie and her mom end up bonding over art was touching to me. I know how isolating grief can be and when you find that connection to someone, it acts like a lifeline.
  • While I enjoyed most of this book, the on-again, off-again relationship between Max and Allie was one aspect of the book I could have done without. At first it seems like Allie is only using Nick to make Max jealous. I, for one, am not a fan of love triangles

So I thought a fun thing to in some of my reviews would be to leave you books that are similar to the book I was reviewing. In this case I was hardly into the book before it reminded me of one. However for me, this book I’m going to tag is much more triggering in my opinion.


Wintergirls also heavily focuses on suicide, sister relationships and grief. Wintergirls also focuses on self-harm, eating disorders and tense family relationships. While I probably should not have had this book in my early and middle teen years, I did and I love and still love it. I have actually owned two copies of this and I would buy another if mine went missing.

That’s it! That’s my review! You can always reach out to me if you want more details. But what do you think? Have you read this book? Will you add it to your TBR? Let me know!!


7 thoughts on “The Sister Pact By Stacie Ramey || Review

    1. I can’t do it for every book since it’s hard sometimes but if a book jumps out to me, I’ll add it! Thank you for reading!


    1. Thank you! That means so much to me! I was so worried! I’m trying to set all my review up similarly but there are small differences when it’s an ARC vs something I bought or got from the library.


  1. This has been on my radar for a while now! For so long, I actually temporarily forgot what it was about. You’ve just sold me though on checking it out ASAP. It sounds like an emotionally charged read and I definitely need to get my hands on it. I’m always so intrigued to see how different authors portray grief in coming of age stories, so this one is definitely calling my name.


    1. That’s so exciting that I was able to help you make a decision. I had never heard of it and picked it up since it was a bargain deal! I’m glad I did!


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